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Step into a new phase of your life where you eat intuitively and don’t struggle with negative associations with hunger, fullness, and enjoying food!

Do you want to stop dieting yet still live a healthy life where you lose weight naturally, without even trying?

Do you wish to start having positive feelings toward food and to rewire your brain to have a completely new attitude toward food?

If you wish all the above and much more, stop wishing, as this audiobook is about to usher you into a new reality, a reality where you never have to struggle with emotional eating, have positive feelings toward food, respect fullness, and enjoy the pleasure of eating thanks to intuitive eating!

More precisely, the audiobook covers:

  • The basics of intuitive eating, including what it is, how it works, as well as the science behind it
  • The different personalities of people, especially regarding how they eat, and how to spot your eating personality
  • How intuitive eating can help you
  • How to switch from a diet mentality to an intuitive eating mentality
  • How to find real satisfaction in your eating, achieve a better sense of satiety, and ultimately develop positive feelings without food
  • The basic principles of intuitive eating, including how to apply these principles in your everyday life
  • How to become an intuitive eater step by step to build a better relationship level with food and brain as well as get weight loss and help your body
  • And much more!

Live better, start today!

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