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Life Hacking With Uncomplicated Style – by Sweetzer & Orange Life Hacking With Uncomplicated Style – by Sweetzer & Orange With 52 pages (4×9”) to keep you going for a full year there’s every chance your Best Week Ever will, in fact, produce your BEST. WEEK. EVER! It’s life hacking, reminders and productivity all with uncomplicated style – and a little gold foil print… because every day you’re above ground, making the most of your week, is golden.

Why Not Make It Your Best Week Ever? This minimal daily notepad from Sweetzer & Orange may be small but it’s robust for the biggest goals and plans! This goal planner / daily organizer lets you decide what’s important for each day of the week in a clean, simple design that you can just pop in your bag.
Thick Paper With Gold Foil Print! The mighty to do list notebook is a work of art for many people, so we made sure each planner notepad page was thick 100gsm non-bleed paper so you can use your favorite pen without any problems. It’s 4×9” with no wasted space – so fill it up as you please with this week’s plans.
Thick Card Backing: We’ve also seen many a “flimsy” daily planner notepad. You know the ones, all the pages get bent because they don’t have a solid foundation. You won’t find that here. Our family loves organizing as much as you do, so our 900gsm Card Backing keeps the pad fresh while you do your tasks!
Just Take It Day By Day: With 52-Pages on this weekly planner notepad you have enough for a whole year of TOTAL “get stuff done.” And because your daily weekly planner arrives securely shrink wrapped with that solid 900gsm card – EVERY page is usable and never torn or bent. So you can take each week as it comes!
12-Month Guarantee: As soon as your weekly / daily planner notepad arrives one of 2 things will happen: you’ll start organizing your week like a boss or we’ll refund every cent under our 12-Month Money Back Guarantee. The Simple Weekly Notepad… It’s life hacking in uncomplicated style, by Sweetzer & Orange.

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